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What is GET Digital Health

A solution for health care systems, health insurance payors, pharmaceutical companies or academic researchers to quickly run a study or pilot using data from hundreds of digital health wearables pilots to measure their effectiveness in clinical care, outcomes or other research.

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The platform enables health care systems, payors, pharmaceutical companies or academic researchers to quickly conduct a study or small pilot using hundreds of wearables or digital health devices and start receiving data from study participants. Participants simply have to click on an invite link, sign the consent, and provide authorization for the device data.

The platform can also exporting data to a spreadsheet, visualizing trend charts or directly push data to any FHIR compatible EHRs (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts) or clinical trial management systems (Medidata Rave, RedCap, Open Clinica). The underlying Get Health API can also provides raw access to data from any of the connected sources or push data from any custom device, app or wearables.

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