What is GETHealth API?

GETHealth is a unified solution to access health and wellness data from hundreds of wearables (such as Fitbit, Strava), apps and medical devices using just one interface.

Who are you?

We are team of MDs, PhDs, Creatives and Engineers based out of NYC and India, who have been working in healthcare space for over a decade.

Why are you doing this?

Currently the practice of medicine and healthcare is mostly heuristic driven. There exist big gaps in our understanding of  human body, diseases and health. We really believe in the upcoming digital health revolution and using that to turn healthcare upside down with data driven medical science.

How can I trust you with our users data?

We have build and maintained systems for top 5 US medical centers and top 6 global pharmaceutical companies. We know a thing or two about security, HIPAA, audit logging, backups and such. Besides, we do not sell data in raw or aggregate form.

What if your data center gets hit by a lightning?

Although the odds of getting hit by a lightning are non zero (its actually 1/1,190,000 incase you are wondering). We maintain multi-zone replication and backups. And if you been through the Internet Apocalypse of April 2011, we also provide GET Health as a hosted/on-premise solution that can sit within the safe confines of your servers.

OK I’m game. Where do I get my Developer keys?

We recommend paying a visit to restroom and then grab a cup of coffee because you will to be hooked-on for next couple hours.

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