Bring Your Wearables and Devices – GET Health is ready for IO!

For past several months, we have gone deep into the bowels of the APIs of countless wearables and devices, testing the RESTful and STRESSful integrations, massaging the data to create one unique API to rule ’em all!

So Ladies and Gentleman, without further ado, I present: - A single RESTful and STRESSfree API to access data from multiple wearables and devices.

GET Health 201 HTTP

I feel tremendously excited at the same time nervous to put it this out in the wild. It has been a solid team effort with countless hours, heated discussions, lots of code, kahwa and coffee!  Lets get some obvious FAQs out of the way

Why did you create GET Health?

Well, here is our story – we are developers by heart, by gender and by profession – when we needed a solution for scratching some of our itches like this and this. We were hoping for a solution like any other API where you’d signup, get a developer key, run some test cURL commands and bake it into your saturday afternoon hack. But only things available out there are a couple “BIG bu$ine$$ friendly” solutions that require a lot of paper work to even get started. So we were like screw this – lets build this out guyz! And REST is history!

developers at work

You really don’t need any paper work or signatures?

No. Nada. A simple signup form and your creativity is all that is needed to get started.

So how do you pay your bills?

We strongly believe that we will succeed when our users succeed. So you don’t pay a dime till you reach a certain volume. Once you have those $ in your bank, you will only have to send us only a fraction our way. Besides we have a sugar daddy who pays us in bitcoins because we work out so much! Kidding.

OK great, so why can’t I build this out myself?

Its your classic “build versus buy” question and you do know what is right answer. No really, you should focus on what you set out to do – make something cool, engage your users, collect data, graph it nicely. Building pipes on the Internet is not something you should be spending your time on. Simply connect with GET Health and let us do the plumbing. We’ve gotten surprisingly good at it.

How can I trust you with our users data?

In our past lives, we have build and maintained systems for top 5 US medical centers and top 6 global pharmaceutical companies. We know a thing or two about security, HIPAA, audit logging, backups and such. Besides, we do not sell data in raw or aggregate form.

What if you get hit by a lightning?

Although the odds of getting hit by a lightning are non zero (its actually 1/1,190,000 incase you are wondering). We realize this fact so we also provide GET Health as a hosted/on-premise solution that can sit within the safe confines of your data-center.

OK I’m game. Where do I get my Developer keys?

We recommend paying a visit to restroom and then grab a cup of coffee because you will to be hooked-on for next couple hours. Consider yourself warned. Get Developer Key Here.