Favorite Wearables of US Presidents and Politicians – President Gerald Ford, Obama, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz

In this election year, for some of us it is a key deciding factor on which wearable does the nominee wear among other less important things like immigration, women card, trade etc. After all, A fit President is a smart President. Here are some of the wearable wearing US Presidents and Politicians.

President Gerald Ford – Hamilton Pulsar Watch

Hamilton Pulsar released the first “wearable” in 1972 – a digital watch with a calculator. And it was favorite watch of 38th US President Gerald Ford that he wore to Nixon hearings




President Obama – Fitbit Surge

As you can see President Obama is a big fan of Fitbit and wears it almost everywhere!

MW-DI074_obama__ZG_20150320104441 obama_fitbit



Senator Ted Cruz – Fitbit Charge HR

In 2016 republican primaries, Ted Cruz was seen to be wearing Fitbit charge HR on the campaign trail


Senator Jeb Bush – Apple Watch

Senator Jeb Bush is big fan of Apple Products and wears Apple Watch – and recently had a funny incident when his phone rang…




Newt Gingrich – Apple Watch



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