Comparing Fitbit Flex, Misfit Flash, Mi Fit, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness

There are numerous fitness trackers or activity tracking devices and mobile device applications. It is a mind-bogglingly difficult prospect to decide which one to use. It’s not now Fitbit and Jawbone anymore. Now we hear a new device every week. The  activity tracker which suits you  will be based on  what activity you want to track. whether that’s accurate step counting, reliable sleep tracking or 24/7 heart rate tracking. There’s definitely something for everyone out there. In blog post i tried to get hands on these few wearables and applications and try to infer, what are the difference, particularly regarding the steps, distance and calories.  I tried to look into the wearables like Xiaomi Mi Fit (cheapest of all) , Fitbit Flex, Misfit Flash and application like Runkeeper, Strava, Mapmyfitness, MovesAp, Sonly life log and Goole Fit.This blog comes up as as a part of work we did when developing  easy to integrate REST API for Developers, which helps to get the data from different healthcare devices and applications.


The Chart below shows the downloads and rating of these applications on Play store and iTunes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 5.53.07 PM


* Note Downloads are in Millions.

The Comparison for these apps was done based on the small activities and also wearing them out for a day. First we got to compare Xiaomi Mi Fit and misfit Flash by wearing on the same wrist and compare the sleep differences. we found that misfit is showing total sleep 7h52m and mi fit is showing 7h33m. so misfit flash is showing that i slept 20 minutes more then Misfit Flash.

Also in regard to the routine steps for whole day Mi Fit captured 5823 steps while Misfit Flash 5192 steps

we also compared the Fitbit flex and Mi Fit for a daily routine steps we found Fitbit flex captured 6962 steps while Mi Fit 6655 steps

Next what we did was cross comparison between wearable and mobile Application like Runkeeper, in this we started with a small activity of 12 minutes.

In this activity run keeper showed the total distance of 0.64 km , Mi Fit 0.8 km (1206 steps) and Mi Fit 0.668 km (1034 steps). In this Activity both misfit and misfit flash was wore on same wrist and mobile device(red note 3) was held in same hand.

In another activity we compared two applications MapMyFitness and Runkeeper, both of these use GPS for calculating the distance. Both the devices were tied together and put in the same pocket. the activity duration was 16 minutes. The distance showed by MapMyFitness 0.29 km while Runkeeper showed 0.3057754 km.


In this blog I tried to show how the data coming from the different wearable and fitness applications differ. In coming blog i will try to compare more Fitness applications (Possibly those i have mentioned above). For more you can checkout