List of Clinical Trials and Research Studies using Wearables

Wearables open a new window into gathering a stream of data from participants in clinical trials and research studies. The key advantage of wearables is that they do not require participants to actively perform any daily tasks or make a site visit and hence no problem of clinical trial adherence/retention/engagement. Most wearables devices such as Fitbit, Misfit, Strava, Apple Watch etc connect to the cloud and provide an API to fetch data for analysis. Additionally, solutions such as the GETHealth API make it easier than ever to collect data from most wearables and medical devices in the market.

Here are list of interesting clinical trials using wearables as key aspect of the research

Epiwatch by Johns Hopkins University

The study is based on Apple Watch that leverages the heart rate, accelerometer and gyroscope data from the watch to measures changes in heart rate and movement during seizures.


Fitbit + Multiple Sclerosis by PatientsLikeMe and Biogen

This study used Fitbit One for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to track their health, sleep and benefits in managing the disease. Below are some of the findings of the study.


America Walks Study by TrialX

This study used smartphone sensors, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit that house data collected from different wearables to measure step counts for various demographics across the country. The study is currently ongoing and recruiting participants.  Join here.


INTERACT Cystic Fibrosis by Boston’s Children Hospital

This study uses Fitbit to track an exercise regimen and whether it leads to tolerance in young patients with Cystic fibrosis

Fitbit for Knee Replacement by University of Delaware

This is a very interesting study using Fibit to determine the amount of physical therapy needed after discharge of the patient undergoing Knee replacement.

Last but not the least, the provides a firehose of clinical trials going around in the world. So keep and eye on it for new and upcoming wearable clinical trials.

Please contact me or add a comment on post below if I missed out any.