Weekly Round Up: Strava, C25K, Sworkit, 7 Minute Workout,Charity Miles

1. Couch to 5K


If you’ve wanted to try running but never known where to start, Couch to 5K should be the next app you download.C25K’s eight-week plan involves 30 minutes a day, three days a week, and can transform anyone from couch potato to 5km finisher.

Available: Free; iOS and Android



2. Sworkit

sworkliteSworkit was rated #1 by a recent study assessing fitness apps based on the parameters for safety, stretching, progression, and more set by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Also unlike other apps in the study that limit workouts , with Sworkit allows you to choose  Strength, Cardio, Yoga / Pilates, and Stretching, and then pick among any of our dynamic length video.Right now 14 million people have downloaded Sworkit apps to help achieve your own fitness goals.

Available: Free; iOS and Android


3. Strava

Android_Strava_Launcher_Icon2x-1Londoners logged 1.35 million activities via the cycling and running tracker Strava in 2015, and the app’s enduring popularity is down to the fact it appeals to all levels of fitness. It’s incredibly simple to use for newcomers, yet offers plenty of depth with a huge array of data for those happy to while away hours analysing their exercise. Strava’s huge community of users also instantly provides a wealth of virtual friends and rivals to compete against. You can aim to nab the King of the Mountain (virtual) jersey for your local hill, or enter the regular challenges for both running and cycling.

Available: Free; iOS and Android, and Windows Phone Store.


4. 7 Min Workout

7MINThe 7 Minute Workout app is the #1 fitness app in 127 countries. Become your own personal trainer to lose weight and get fit with fast, simple daily workouts. It has been gaining popularity steadily since physiologist Chris Jordan shared it with the world last year, and for good reason: it fits into just about any schedule, consists of 12 simple exercises that require only your own body weight, a wall and a chair, and research shows that it can boost metabolism, fight weight gain and increase longevity.

This 7 minute workout is highlighted by the New York Times Maximum Results With Minimal Investment“.

Available: Free; iOS and Android.


5. Charity Miles


Charity Miles helps you earn corporate sponsorships for charity whenever you walk, run or bike. The app measures your distance and allows you to earn money—10 cents per mile for cyclists and 25 cents per mile for walkers and runners.

Available: Free; iOS and Android.