Weekly Roundup: MapMyFitness, Endomondo, Relax Melodies, mySugr, StrongLifts


1. MapMyFitness


With easy-to-use step and calorie counters, it’s no surprise MyFitnessPal is consistently ranked as one of the best fitness apps in the industry. Map My Fitness will give you the widest range of supported activities, really all the apps have settings that let you track different sports and workouts. In other words, you only need to download one of the apps, and you can use it for almost any activity (Map My Fitness has more than 600 activities).

Available: Android,iOS


2. Endomondo


Cardio exercise can quickly get boring and repetitive. That’s why Endomondo is so great. Set a goal for your run, walk, or bike ride, and the app’s virtual trainer lets you know if you’re on track to meet it or if you need to speed up. It’s great to compete against yourself (and your goals), but it’s even better when you can use Endomondo to challenge or cheer on friends.

Available: Android,iOS


3. Relax Melodies.

relaxRelax Melodies is one of best stress relieving app. Relax Melodies is the LEADER in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance.Relax Melodies helps you lacking of sleep or insomnia for you. Relax Melodies and its many features such as high quality white noise sounds, music melodies and complete customizable mixes will help you sleep like never before!.Relax Melodies has been awarded as “Amazon’s Top Best Apps”.

Available: Android,iOS


4. mySugr Diabetes Logbook

mysugrmySugr is rated as #1 diabetes logbook app in 6 countries. The free mySugr Logbook app is a charming diabetes tracker for blood sugar, bolus, basal, food, carbs, meds,pills, weight, a1c and more. It makes your diary useful in everyday life with playful elements and immediate feedback through your diabetes monster! Get motivated and involved in your diabetes therapy, today!.It has been awarded as Winner of Germany’s “Focus Diabetes” ‘Best Apps for People with Diabetes’ award.

Available: Android,iOS

5. StrongLifts 5×5


Simplicity is the key to this strength-training app’s success. It breaks down exactly what exercises to do, including the amount of reps, sets and weight, making it easy to measure your progress over time,so all you have to worry about is getting to the gym and getting stronger.

Available: Android,iOS