How NBA coaches are using Jawbone and sleep tracking

In the NBA, trainers, coaches and the billionaires who pay millionaires to play basketball for them are only now beginning to realize how poor sleep habits can devastate performance and perhaps even affect longevity and injury rates. They can be damaging to the bottom line, too.

One sports performance expert who has consulted with the NBA said the cost of a star player suffering a significant injury is close to $100 million when factoring in lost ticket revenue and merchandise sales.


With an increased emphasis on player health under commissioner Adam Silver, the NBA has begun to take notice. This season, league schedule-makers reduced the number of back-to-back games per team from 19.3 in 2014-15 to 17.3, and they also trimmed the overall instances of four games in five nights by 61 percent.

The smart teams, and players, are playing catch-up

Source: In multibillion-dollar business of NBA, sleep is the biggest debt –