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We believe the Open Source movement is the biggest breakthrough in software developmeScreen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.51.07 PMnt. Open Source is allowing many projects to unreachable standards for any enterprise. At we are also using vary open source projects and libraries. While using them we needed to extend and add more functionalities. In this blog I will like to put out few of those libraries (api-clients), which we have used and extended their features cum functions. Our all open source contributions can be found here


1) Health-graph api (Runkeeper)

Runkeeper allows users to track fitness activities (such as walkingrunning and cycling) using GPS and to see detailed statistics around their pace, distance, and time. They provide the health-graph api to get the data for activities, nutrition and more via REST api. We use Python Client Library for Health Graph API. The API is used for accessing for retrieving, updating, deleting and uploading Fitness Activity and Health Measurements Information. our enhanced library can be found here. It exposes api calls like nutrition, background activities etc.

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2) Underarmour api (MapMyFitness)

MapMyFitness is an open platform, seamlessly integrating with more than 400 fitness tracking devices, sensors and wearables. From running maps to gym workouts, track all of your fitness workouts online or via mobile application. MapMyFitness provides the REST api by which we can retrieve update, Fitness Activity and Health Measurements Information.

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3) Withings api (withings)

Withings is known for design and innovation in connected health devices, such as the first Wi-Fi scale on the market (introduced in 2009), an FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor, a high-definition wireless security camera, a smart sleep system, and a line of automatic activity tracking watches. Withings provide the Withings Body metrics Services API by which we can retrieve update, Fitness Activity and Health Measurements Information. Our enhanced client library can be found here. It include added new functions for api calls like withing sleep summary, activity and much more.

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In this blog I have listed few of the libraries which we have extended and have open sourced those changes for the community. In future we will open source more such libraries.