Fitness Wearables Roundup: PolarA360, FES Watch U, HB Ring, Bioring, Duo Skin.

1. PolarA360: from POLAR the earliest in wearable technology.

The Finnish company POLAR that built the world’s first wireless, wrist-based heart rate monitor in 1982 and in 2002 created the first cloth heart rate strap has launched a modern day fitness tracker, PolarA360.

The PolarA360 is an attractive, slim, modern fitness tracker with an RGB touch screen that delivers a trio of our favorite features: step counting, smart notifications, and wrist-based heart rate monitoring in a case that is water resistant to 30 meters.It also has a quiet, vibrating alarm and can track various activities at the swipe of a finger.The A360’s RGB touch screen is a half inch by an inch with a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels. The band features one small button on the lower left side covered by the silicone strap.Heart rate is tracked with an optical monitor on the back of the watch.The band also displays the time.


2. FES WATCH U: Sony’s latest with e-ink band and face.

This is an update Sony announced to their previous FES Watch with a new design.


The FES Watch U features an electronic ink display and can connect to your smartphone. The wristband of the wearable is an e ink display itself.Sony is using the FES brand name for this watch as the company wants to emphasize the fashion aspect of the watch. With a press of a button one can change the entire style of the watch including the wristband.The company will ship 12 different watch face and band designs with the watch, and you’ll be able to store 24 different designs on your watch.

Due to the e-ink display, the band is thicker than a traditional leather, plastic or textile band. For the black model, Sony uses premium material, such as steel and sapphire glass for the watch body — other models use glass. Thanks to the e-ink displays, the battery lasts for up to three weeks. The watch is also waterproof.

3. HB RING: a smart Wedding Band.

Wearable company “theTouch” with the HB Ring is attempting to provide a “smart wedding band” that transmits the rhythm of your partner’s heartbeat in real time.


Touch boldly proclaims that the HB Ring, the result of two and a half years of development, is “the most sophisticated ring the world.” It packs “over 100” components — chiefly a battery, a circular LED array, a charging connector, and a “multidimensional” motherboard — and its round frame is crafted from a band of stainless steel with “the most wear-resistant coating out there.” That same craft extends to the HB Ring’s unibody, a molded block of sapphire crystal “harder than conventional gold” — the largest exposed scratch- and water-resistant sapphire surface on any ring on the market, Touch claims.

The HB Ring’s headlining feature is “heartbeat sharing” — a little tap on your ring that sends your heart muscle’s dilations and contractions to a loved one. They’re managed through a companion smartphone app, and setup is as simple as it gets. Once the app’s been downloaded and the ring paired, you add your loved one’s profile, and after that’s done, you’re free to send biological beats to your heart’s content.

4. BIORING: a groundbreaking wellness ring.

BioRing wearable from a startup with the same name is a wellness tracker that is rugged enough to be waterproof and resistant to scratches while it measures various metrics concerning your overall health.


It has a number of sensors to track an extensive set of metrics that include calorie intake, fat intake, heart rate, calories burned, protein intake, sleep level and status, stress levels, water levels, activity intensity, as well as distance and steps.The ring connects wirelessly to an iOS or Android device to sync with the BioRing app to collect and arrange the data for a holistic view of your health.The smart ring even vibrates for incoming notifications from the BioRing app, as well as other notifications from your phone.
Having already tripled its funding goal, the BioRing looks to be well on its way to meeting its shipping promise to early backers slated for November 2016.

5. DUO SKIN: flash tattoos from MIT Media and Microsoft Research Labs.

Ushering in a new generation of wearables that behave almost like a second skin, the new DuoSkin from MIT and Microsoft Research takes temporary tattoos and turns them into connected devices. So now, controlling your smartphone or computer is as easy as tapping your tattoo.
Inspired by the trendy flash tattoos that are frequently seen adorning the the wrists and forearms of fashionistas everywhere, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, a PhD student at the Media Lab, decided to inject some innovation into these aesthetics.