Weekly Wearable Devices Roundup: MobileMan, Alcatel , Artificial Vision, Galaxy Wing, Baby Care

1. MobileMan, something more than just a wearable

Featuring breakthrough innovative design, MobileMan USA offers a collection of high-quality, Bluetooth wearable audio speakers that are hands-free, ears-free, weatherproof and comfortable. The MobileMan S1 series supports a full range of motion and allows active enthusiasts to maintain complete awareness of their surroundings, while participating in any activity. MobileMan is a concept brand that has achieved its vision of creating a device that delivers an incredible, wearable audio experience to a community of people who are both fitness conscious and style conscious. These devices are weather resistant, provide a bluetooth connectivity range of 30 feet, lightweight (under 200 grams), battery life of up to 10 hours, depending on usage.


MobileMan USA LLC, is a New York based company introducing the world’s latest wearable audio Bluetooth stereo speaker system. The MobileMan S1 series supports a full range of motion in almost every activity, and allows users to remain in complete awareness of their surroundings with an ears-free experience. Available in the S1 Sport and S1 Premium models, all devices are lightweight, come in multiple colors and have a sleek innovative design. MobileMan USA is redefining the way we listen to audio.

2. Artificial Vision for visually impaired

Wearable technology that can recognize faces and tell a wearer who they are talking to are to be showcased at a technology conference in Glasgow  in coming weeks.

The AI powered glasses, which have been developed by OrCam, are believed to hold great potential for blind and partially sighted wearers, offering them artificial vision. The device will be on display at the Royal National Institute of Blind People’s (RNIB) Techshare event at the Glasgow Science Centre on 15–16 September.

The technology features a built in miniature smart camera, which sits on the frame, that is able to convert visual information into spoken word. In addition, the OrCam device is able to read printed text, relaying it to the wearer through a built-in mini speaker. Added functionally also enables the device to recognize faces and products.

3. Alcatel launching new wearables at IFA 2016

Alcatel, a mobile handset brand of owned by Chinese Electronics Company, launched its new innovative smart wearable devices at IFA 2016 in Berlin.

IFA 2016, a biggest tech show in Europe is a platform for the tech giants to show up their new innovations in the tech world. Company’s new upcoming devices can be exhibited in this show as there are thousands of visitors to experience the new launches in the world of technology. Therefore, Alcatel has come up with new smart wearable devices such as Moveband, Movetime WiFi Watch, Movetrack, and MOVE Track&Talk.


Alcatel which released its smart watch few years ago has some tremendous developments on that and has launched these innovative wearable’s to increase the competition with the rival companies in the smart watch world.

4. Samsung’s new wearables under brand name “Galaxy Wing”

Information on patents may or may not lead to a concrete evidence of the fact that something is indeed coming out. However, the prospects of a device such as the Galaxy Wing do excite us. There have been a number of discussions on such devices in the past, and the markets are slowly adjusting to it.

With an innovation such as the Galaxy Wing coming out, Samsung might bring forward a major change in the way the markets work. Wearable technology is indeed the future of the markets, and Samsung has set an early foot forward over there with the Galaxy Wing. However, while it is still a patent, one must not get their hopes high until the company makes an official announcement of such a device coming out.

5. Monitoring baby health using wearables.

Newborns bring a lot of excitement into the life of parenting couples. Along with that excitement can come anxiety – wondering how your newborn is doing, especially when he or she is asleep. Using health care wearable devices can bring a lot of ease. Wearable fitness trackers aren’t just for adults. Similar technology is now being used to track the health of newborn babies.


There are devices that are capable of  measuring the temperature in the room and also detecting motion or sound. It’s just one of a new wave of wearable technology designed to track a newborn baby’s health. To name a few,  the Owlet baby sock helps monitor a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The Sproutling ankle band tracks a baby’s heart rate, temperature, motion and more. A onesie from Mimo claims to monitor breathing and body position, among other things. The devices alert your smartphone if something seems off. However, experts say this type of constant monitoring can have positive and potentially negative effects.

Keep in mind, these devices are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you’re thinking about using one, you might want to check with your pediatrician first.