Roundup: Cardiio, Sleep Better, Runtastic Orbit, Fitness Buddy, FitnessBuilder

1. Cardiio

cardiioWith Cardiio you will be able to measure your heart rate, learn the relationship between the numbers and your health, learn about effective workouts that will help you get in shape, and best of all track your progress. Cardiio has truly reinvented the heart rate monitor. It measures heart rate by holding the phone in front of you it can read your pulse, or  to cover the rear camera with your finger.


2. Sleep Better

sleep-betterAnother excellent app by runtastic is Sleep Better. Sleep Better will track your sleep, help monitor your dreams, and all together improves your bedtime habits. With Sleep Better you will wake up better and improve your sleeping quality. With this you can get insight into your sleep, track moon phases, and keep a dream diary.

3. Ab Workouts Free

ab-workouts-freeAb Workouts Free is the number one app to lose belly fat and it’s used by millions. This  app helps you to get ripped six pack abs. Ab Workouts Free will talk you through all of the workouts that you need in order to get ripped abs. This App has various difficulty levels, exercises have their own steps and animations to help guide you, you can design your own workouts, and best of all is the personal e-trainer with an in-app trainer voice.


4. Fitness buddy

fitness-buddy Fitness buddy is a wonderful top fitness app and it includes over 1700 unique exercises. This app is recommended by big names like ESPN magazine, Jay Leno, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, and many others. This app contains detailed descriptions and animations of different workouts. Fitness Buddy features and immense about of HD videos with over 1,000. A list of exercise categories covering everything you could ever need, over 4,000 exercise photos to help you along with detailed exercise descriptions.

5. FitnessBuilder

fitnessbuilderFitnessBuilder is a portable personal trainer that can completely guide your fitness life style. With the free version of FitnessBuilder you get access to 400+ workouts in a 16 week fitness plan. The best part about the free version of FitnessBuilder is that you get no ads but you have unlimited access to the My Stats section.