Roundup: Runtastic Six Pack, Map My Ride, My Diet Coach, Restaurant Nutrition, Lose the Belly

1. Runtastic Six Pack

Runtastic is a workout app  available on both the iPhone and your Apple Watch. It  features HD videos with intense core . Runtastic has a male and female avatar that act as your personal trainer and take your through a variety of different workouts to get your ripped six pack. The difficulty for Runtastic is adjustable and it features a 10 week six pack plan.


2. Map My Ride

map-my-rideMap My Ride is an features everything that a cyclist could ever need including enjoying exclusive offers and promotions, if you are an MVP member. With Map My Ride you will be able to connect with over 400 devices, train like a pro, collect workout stats, log all of your activity, join in on virtual challenges, and much more. If you enjoy fitness apps you will love this one, make sure to test it out for yourself.

3. My Diet Coach


Simply put My Diet Coach will keep you motivated and help you resist the food cravings and temptations. With My Diet Coach you can say goodbye to emotional eating and exercise laziness. My Diet Coach has helpful reminders, notifications with your goals, motivational photos, weight charts, diet tips, diet quotes, a point reward system, a food craving panic button if you choose to upgrade, and many more.


4. Restaurant Nutrition

restaurant-nutritionRestaurant Nutrition has a great and long list of features to help you stay informed when you are out and want to view nutrition on a specific restaurant. The Restaurant Nutrition database has over 250 restaurants with over 60,000 foods. You will also have access to ratings and reviews, food journals, calories, carbs, protein, fat, gluten free items, and much more.

5. Lose the Belly

loose-weightLose the Belly features some of the best exercises to slim down the abdomen. Another pair of great features this app has is the nutritional advice and the five ways celebrities lose weight. The nutritional advice will help you lose weight faster and help you look like a celebrity. To stay motivated Lose the Belly includes before and after videos. You are able to see others results which you will be able to achieve by following the plan. Another great reason to choose this app is that it includes some of the top yoga poses for losing stomach fat.