Health and Fitness Apps that really work- I

We all know how important it is to live a healthy and active life, but actually are never able to make that happen on a daily note. If you want to stay on top of your activity goals a personal trainer or a gym membership is not necessarily that you need. You don’t even need to purchase a wrist-worn fitness band. In fact, the smartphone you already have in your pocket can track activity and help you meet your fitness goals.

Most of these activity tracking apps use the motion sensors embedded into your phone. These apps make it easy to set and monitor goals that work for you, and motivate you along the way with timely information about your progress. Fitness tracking apps may not necessarily win you a fitness competition, but they can inculcate in you a number of habits that help you live a healthy and active life. Let’s get to know about some of the best apps in the domain right now.

1. Sworkit sworkit

Sworkit, short for ‘simply Work it’, is a fitness app that takes you through 5-60+ minute strength, yoga, pilates and stretching workouts requiring no equipment. We strive to provide the simplest way to get a workout in anywhere, anytime, with no room for excuses. SWORKIT is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon. Sworkit Premium provides a whole new level of customization and personalization beyond any other fitness app on the market.

The Sworkit custom workout builder allows both novices and professionals (e.g. physical therapists, personal trainers, physical education instructors, doctors, etc) to create and share custom routines (‘playlists’) from a growing library of over 170 different exercises. It’s as easy as building a music playlist. Sworkit is Exercise Personalized

2. Charity Miles charitymiles

Fitness trackers are a great way to gamify your fitness goals and compete with others. If you’re motivated by helping others, free app Charity Miles helps you earn money while you run or bike. The app uses your phone’s GPS to track your exercise. Each time you open it up, you pick a charity. You’ll then earn 10 cents a mile for biking and 25 cents a mile for walking and running. While the app is open, they show you an ad from the sponsor donating the money. You won’t change the world with the amount you’ll earn, but if you run or bike anyway, you may as well help charities along the way.

3.  Pear Sports apps_icon_pear

PEAR is acronym for Performance Enhancing Audio Research. The Pear Sports Personal Coach app is among the best fitness apps you’ll find for Android and iOS. The app has a wealth of workout routines, everything from outdoor runs to at-home resistance training, and each has an audio track of a real coach who talks you through the motions. You can pipe in your own music, too, which dials down automatically whenever the coach is speaking. The app works best when you wear a heart rate monitor, though it’s not required. There’s even a calibration workout, a run, that finds your lactic threshold and customizes your heart rate training in all the workouts based on your personalized number.

4. FitRadio fitradio

The Fit Radio app brings an addictive kind of fun to your fitness routine with curated, cutting-edge DJ mixes within more than 40 different music genres that suit your favorite workouts. Our music fitness app strives to keep your workouts fresh so that you’re never bored and always motivated, and to save you time creating playlists with an easy-to-use, personalized service that does the work for you. Fit Radio keeps your workouts fresh with daily new club-inspired mixes, searchable by genre, exercise type, BPM and more.

5. Lose It! and Snap It! LOSEIT

Getting started with Lose It! is easy. Simply download the app, tell us a little about yourself (or import your profile from the Health app) and we’ll create a custom weight loss plan for you. Then start logging your food and exercise. There’s no easier app-based weight loss program. Lose It! helps you set your daily budget, plus goals for nutrients (carbs, fat, protein, fiber, sugar, etc.), weight loss, exercise, blood pressure, water intake and more! You set the goals, we’ll help you with the plan to achieve them.

Lose It! offers simple, easy-to-use tools for tracking what you eat and do. Just search it, scan it, or snap it! Search for foods and exercise types in our database of over 7 million items, scan your food package with our nifty barcode scanner, or snap a pic and let Snap It! do the rest.  Want to go beyond calorie tracking to break through a weight loss plateau? Lose It! Insights help you learn more about your logs, like where your carbs and calories are coming from, plus the foods that help or hinder your progress. Lose It! Makes fitness tracking a breeze. Connect to the best health and fitness devices, trackers, and apps available to seamlessly track calories burned from exercise, steps, and more.