Cool Wearables Roundup: Keeping our Elderly Safe with AlarmCare, Jordy, ActiveProtcective’s Smart Belt, Lively Wearable Senior Activity Tracker

The fast paced life that people lead now, leave very little time for work-life balance. As a result, children and senior members of the family are often left alone to fend for themselves. The most affected group of people are the elderly, who need to be taken care of. With more than 19% of US population going to be over 65 years of age by 2030, no time could be better than now for innovations in the area of elderly care. Here’s a look at some recent tech innovations that the wearable market offers to help us take care.

AlarmForce Industries Inc.’s Alarm Care

Falling in old aged people is very common. Even when the damage due to fall itself may not be serious, if not taken care of immediately, may lead to serious aftermaths and even death, due to confinement to bed and immobility.

AlarmCare is a wearable piece of technology that can help seniors better deal with the immediate after-effects of a fall. This medical alert system can be worn as a watch, a belt or a pendant. If a person experiences an injury or emergency, they can connect with a representative immediately, available 24/7, with the push of a button on their AlarmCare wearable. The Two-Way Voice system provides 24-hour access to professional operators who can determine the wearer’s situation and access medical information they have provided. These representatives can alert the individual’s family, neighbors, loved ones and call emergency services if required.

What’s even more helpful is that, for seniors who are not in a position to even press the button on the wearable, AlarmCare also has automatic fall detection, which will notify the operators and connect them with their services.

For those seniors who are still active, but may be suffering from forgetfulness, AlarmCare has an added feature of GPS location tracking in their gadget called AlarmCare Go. In cases of emergency AlarmCare Go GPS location tracking will inform their central monitoring station about the exact location of the user at a particular time. These services can also be activated in case of other health emergencies such as a heart attack.

AlarmCare can help seniors stay independent and in their own homes for longer period of time.


Enhanced Vision’s Jordy

As the baby boomers age there will be more and more people with low vision. A person with low vision sees at 20 feet what people with healthy vision can see at 40 feet. Sadly, most people with low vision lose their sight later in life as the result of age-related macular degeneration, diabetes or glaucoma.

Jordy, the latest in low vision technology can be worn just like a pair of glasses and claims to revolutionise the way people with low vision perform their daily tasks.

Weighing only 8 ounces, this portable system which works on rechargeable batteries, allows wearers to see near and far in any environment, read, write or perform all activities of daily living with significant ease. An adjustable nosepiece makes wearing Jordy more comfortable.

Designed for people with low vision conditions or for the legally blind, Jordy sports features such as HD autofocus camera for distance, intermediate and near viewing, adjustable magnification, 5-level brightness control, and glare reduction shield Jordy providing high level of comfort and control over their viewing experience. It also has dual viewfinders which provide a wide field of view.

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, Jordy’s manufacturer, Enhanced Vision, is the leading developer of innovative products that offers the most comprehensive line of electronic magnifying solutions on the market today, helping people in more than 70 countries regain visual independence.

Jordy seems to be one innovation using which our seniors can live life to the fullest – reading, writing, playing games, watching television and enjoying theater – just the way they used to do in their young life.


ActiveProtective’s Smart Belt 


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Going one step further in providing maximum protection to our seniors, this revolutionary smart belt by ActiveProtective comes fitted with airbags to cushion its users in the event of a fall. This wearable detects “Motion in context” making it sensitive enough to detect fall-in-motion and accurate enough to deploy airbags over the hip just in time to protect the user from fractures.

The airbags in Smart Belt open up immediately prior to impact, in order to reduce hip impact, automatically and within a fraction of a second. These features increases the user’s confidence in this technology, enhancing compliance and adoption of the technology.

Smart belt is being used to provides unprecedented protection to patients and residents with high fall risk in supervised care and senior living facilities.

ActiveProtective was awarded the Extreme Tech Challenge 2017 Top 25 Company badge this year. The company was also featured on Xploration Earth 2050, an Emmy award-winning TV show on FOX covering future oriented technologies.


Great Calls’ Lively Wearable Senior Activity Tracker

Almost all seniors have to deal with some or the other age related chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary disease, hyperlipidemia etc. Therefore, a handy real-time remote health monitoring system becomes essential to ensure that our elderly can have healthy daily lives.

Great Call’s cool looking Lively Wearable combines features of a health and fitness band with those of fall detection systems. However, the user needs to have Android 4.4 or iPhone iOS 8.0 or later to be able to use this wearable. The mobile app offer features like health tips, daily step counter, and fun health challenges to keep the user motivated.

Lively wearable is waterproof, can be worn as a watch or a pendant, and comes with a monthly monitoring package if needed. The wearable has an “urgent response” button which the users can press to alert their family in cases of non-emergency situations like locking keys in the car, or the emergency services in cases of emergencies such as feeling faint or mixing medications.

The wearable does not need to be charged and operates with 5Star Urgent Response – an emergency response system that uses GPS and wireless cellular technology to connect users with highly trained agents, emergency contacts or medical services when needed.

Users can purchase the Lively Wearable in either white/gold or gray/silver. A lanyard option is also available. The app is downloadable for both Android and iOS devices.

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Lively’s Safety Watch is another option that has additional features of being accompanied by a Lively Hub and four Lively Sensors. It does not need a phone or internet connection. The sensors are usually attached to objects around the home like the refrigerator door and pill boxes to ensure that the user remembers to eat and take medication on time. The sensors set alarm and notifies the family members when they notice any change in the user’s daily routine. For example if the refrigerator door does not open throughout the day may indicate missed meals. Also, it records your normal activities, so it will know what your normal eating habits are and when it’s safe to consider something out of the normal range.

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