Wearables and Trackers to Help us Sleep Better – LYS, ResMed S+, Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor

A good night’s sleep is something we all cherish, as it keeps us upbeat, alert, and productive. But, it does not come easily to everyone. Some people fall asleep the minute they land in bed, but some have to struggle and toggle for hours before they get a restful sleep.

Here are some wearables and trackers worth trying to get better sleep.

1. LYS

LYS sleep monitoring wearable

Photo Courtesy: https://www.kickstarter.com


LYS sleep wearable

Photo Courtesy: https://www.kickstarter.com


LYS means light in Danish. Science has proven that the quality of sleep we have depends on amount of natural light and our circadian rythms. But lack of natural light may also lead to sleeplessness.

LYS is a coin-sized light tracking wearable and app which takes care of your circadian rythms, helps you get the right amount of natural light so you can get a good night’s sleep. You can wear LYS as a jewellery on a chain or on your lapel. It’s battery life is seven days, when it is continuously connected to an iPhone, measuring light and giving hints when you need more light for optimal sleep.

In an early study that investigated impact of LYS in 100 participants living in urban environment, the average time to fall asleep fell from 27 to 16 minutes, and perceived energy levels of participants tripled over four weeks of use of this wearable.

LYS can tell the difference between natural and synthetic light. In an interview by another website, CEO and founder of LYS Christina Friis Blach Petersen says, “The composition of artificial light and natural light is very different and it is very rare that ambient artificial light is over a 1000 Lux unless you are looking into a SAD lamp”.

She claims “Sleep trackers can tell how well you sleep, but they can’t improve the quality of it. This is a wearable that theoretically can.”

LYS can be purchased for £89. The pack includes the wearable, a USB type-C cable and a docking station to charge it. The full product is expected to be available in February 2018.


2. Resmed S+ Sleep Tracker

ResMed S+ sleep tracker

Photo Courtesy: http://splus.resmed.com/

ResMed S+ sleep tracker claims to make you sleep quick and easy, plus, get you an extra 45 minutes of sleep per night. However, it does not help the user change their behaviour during daytime as LYS would do. But, if you are really struggling to sleep, ResMed S+ might be worth a try coming from a company that has specialised in sleep and sleep-related disorders since its inception in 1989. Their research show that “80% of users with an average sleep score of 30-40 saw improvement after one weeks use.”

ResMed S+ works without any physical contact. It can sit on bedside table to monitor and analyse your sleep, your breathing pattern and movement, as well as your bedroom environment, like light, noise and temperature conditions. When you wake up, you can have the full report of how well you slept, on your smartphone. The device syncs with your smartphone and provides tailored suggestions on how to improve your sleep routine and sleep conditions in your bedroom. It also provides an option where it can play relaxing noises from your smartphone to help you sleep.

How does it work? The ResMed S+ uses low-power radio waves to measure breathing and movement. The sensor is caged in a white plastic cube held in place by a hollow metal tower, and this cube can be tilted to and fro. It is designed in such as way that the sensor aims at the sleeper’s chest, as its sleep analysis is based on the sleeper’s breathing patterns.

The cube contains a microphone, a light sensor and a temperature sensor to measure your environment and let you know the optimal conditions when you get your best sleep. S+ plugs straight into a wall socket, and comes with an adapter with two USB ports.

S+ by ResMed has been recognised for innovation and design by the prestigious RedDot and CES award categories, and can be purchased from amazon in about $30.


3. Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor

bedit sleep monitor

Photo Courtesy: https://www.beddit.com/

The Beddit Smart Sleep Monitor, is an easy to set-up and use device, that can measure a wide range of sleep info including your heart rate, breathing pattern, and interestingly enough, your snoring pattern. It also monitors, the time when you had restless sleep, and the times you went out of bed.  In addition, it measures respiration rate which can be useful to track if you have disorder such as sleep apnea. It also measures parameters like bedroom temperature and humidity.

It consists of a thin, unobtrusive strip that lies under your bed sheet or mattress protector to track your sleep. It can automatically sense when you go to bed and try to sleep. Moreover, it come with a smart alarm system that wakes you up at the best point in your sleep cycle. This device also pairs with an accompanying app with a wide range of sleep data to inspect, with an overall sleep score and tips to help you improve your sleep.

Since, Beddit was recently purchased by Apple, so you can sync your data with your smartwatch as well as iPhone now.

Beddit is however, good for people who sleep alone in the bed. The data may not be accurate for those who sleep with a partner. Also, rolling on the bed might also compromise the accuracy of data measured. Beddit does not come powered with battery, and has to be plugged into the power supply throughout the night to collect data. 


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