February is the American Heart Month! Track your Heart Health with Some of the Best Heart Monitors – AliveCor Kardia, Azumio Instant Heart Rate Plus, Hexoskin Smart Shirts

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, where 1 in 4 deaths occur due to a heart related condition. Research shows that modifying lifestyle factors like lack of exercise and mobility, smoking, and alcohol use reduces the risk of getting heart diseases. It is also proven that early detection of symptoms leading to a heart condition, can save lives.

February is the American Heart Month. Also February 5 marked the National “Wear Red” Day for women’s heart health. Honoring our hearts, here are some of the best wearables and trackers to measure your overall heart health, that you can use to follow your way to a healthy heart. Sharing results from these trackers can also help your doctor streamline and speed up your treatment plans.

AliveCor Heart Monitor

Users of AliveCor Heart Monitor say that this tracker app gives them a sense of control. Some say, its their “first line of defense”. This monitor helps you to take a medical-grade EKG in just 30 seconds and the results can be delivered to your smartphone to share with your care providers. So you can know right away, when your heart is not in the normal rhythm. You just have to put your fingers on Kardia Mobile’s pads and watch the EKG reading on your mobile phone app. The app tells you the EKG recordings and other collected data, and it also has an educational portion to guide you.

Setting up the app is pretty easy and takes very less time. The AliveCor Heart Monitor transmits its data using sound waves, so you don’t even have to pair the device to the phone.

This AliveCor heart monitor and app is FDA-cleared and provides medical-grade EKG recordings, which is trusted by leading cardiologists all over the world. The company claims to have measured 20 Million EKG’s worldwide and have pretty good reviews. This easy to use, lightweight, portable device is affordable starting at $99 with free shipping in the US.

AliveCor also offer Kardiaband – that the FDA approved in November 2017 as the world’s first FDA-cleared EKG with artificial intelligence for Apple Watch. Using this you can monitor your EKG on the go, directly from your wrist.


Instant Heart Rate Plus Monitor by Azumio

Instant Heart Rate Plus Monitor by Azumio

Photo Courtesy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/instant-heart-rate-heart-rate/id395042892?mt=8

Instant Heart Rate plus measure your pulse using the camera of your smartphone. The app measures changes in color of your finger, as soon as you put your finger in front of your smartphone’s camera. The color change indicates your pulse using which the app can visualize your waveform and monitor heart rate trends with tags and notes.

Recordings by Azumio Instant Heart Rate Plus Monitor

Photo Courtesy: http://www.azumio.com

But the makers say these data are not for medical use and can be used for fitness purposes only! It is used by olympic athletes and professional bodybuilders to get an insight into their fitness.

Some in app purchases like the Revolutionary StandUp Test can provide detailed analysis about your heart’s strength based on how hard it has to work when you stand up. Additional premium features are available with a purchase or subscription which include a fitness and fatigue test, healthy advice, workouts, and motivational support.

Instant Heart Rate is available on iOS, Google Play, and Windows with a basic price of $4.99. In app purchases might go as high as $59.99.


Hexoskin Smart Shirt for Heart Monitoring

Hexoskin Smart Shirt for Heart Monitoring

Photo Courtesy: http://www.hexoskin.com/

Offering something entirely different from what comes to mind when you think of trackers, Hexoskin brings forth a range of biosensing fitness clothing, made of a material that is machine washable and breathable. They demonstrated their product at DPharm2017, mentioning that they have already participated in several cardiac clinical trials. They claim that Hexoskin measure more body metrics than any other wearable, and that their data accuracy has been validated externally by University of Waterloo researchers. The website mentions that Hexoskin products “has been chosen by 4 space agencies, 3 military organizations, and professional sports teams worldwide to monitor astronauts, elite soldiers and athletes.”

How do these smart apparels monitor your heart condition? A small patch of the fabric fits a Hexoskin device which store recorded data and transmits it via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet. This device can be charged using their USB cable. The stored data can also be uploaded to your web dashboard via the USB cable.

What parameters can it track? The Hexoskin products track heart rate – including real time ECG, heart rate variability (to measure stress and training fatigue), heart rate recovery, respiration rate, breathing volume, estimated VO2 max, and maximum heart rate. It can also measure activity including steps, cadence, and peak acceleration, where intensity level, steps, and pace are visible in real time. Resting heart rate, sleep positions, and sleep breathing pattern can also be measured. 

Hexoskin products track heart rate

Photo Courtesy: http://www.hexoskin.com/

Hexoskin features an Open Data API that allows users to download their raw data. The Hexoskin app is available for iOS and Android and works with Pebble, Neptune Pine, oMate, and the Apple Watch.

Hexoskin smart shirts are lightweight, anti-odor with built-in UV protection, and are priced at $169. The hexoskin device comes for $230. You can buy the full kit which includes a smart shirt, a device and a USB cable for $399.

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